AFTN Terminal Main Window

This images displays the main application window; closing this window closing the application. In the top right table, a list of received messages is displayed. If a message is selected its content is displayed in the pane below the table.

To the right is a tree structure in which messages can be stored and organised.


AFTN Terminal Application Main Window

AFTN Main Window – with Error

In this image, a message has been selected that the Flight ATM Parser has parsed and detected an error. Erroneous messages are displayed with an exclamation mark indicating the error cases. When such a message is selected, its content is displayed in the pane below the table displaying the message and in addition, the error(s) are displayed in the lower pane.


AFTN Main Window – with Error

AFTN FPL Form Editor

The following image displays a screen shot of the FPL form editor. There is a form editor for each ICAO ATS message title available. The form editor displays real time help by displaying the ICAO DOC 4444 description of an ICAO field in the lower right hand corner when a field captures the cursor, in addition, tool tips are displayed for all fields.

Form Editor

AFTN FPL Form Editor

AFTN FPL Form Editor – X-Motif Look and Feel

The following image is again the FPL form editor with a different look and feel, this one is X-Motif.


AFTN FPL Form Editor – X-Motif Look and Feel

Miscellaneous Windows

The following image displays the internal XML document for a message. This can be used for getting more detailed information about a message.


FDR Dialogue Window

This image is the facility search address window that supports retrieval of an ICAO facility address ‘real’ contact details.

Address Book

Facility Address Contact Search

The following is a network status dialogue window that displays network status information for all servers and clients in the system.


Network Status Window

The following image is a plain text editor that can be used to edit a message; it is not necessary to use the form editors.


Plain Text Message Editor Window