Products Overview

Our software products have been developed using state of the art technology. All products are written in Java, which ensures they are all platform independent.

Where an implementation requires a database, an open source database is used. Output and communication data, is wherever practical, an XML document.

Database content can be accessed with most common off the shelf software. Our software products can be broadly split into two categories, software component libraries and complete applications.

Component Libraries

The component libraries include

  • ATS Message Parser for processing ATS and OLDI messages in both ICAO and ADEXP format [more…]
  • FIXM Translator – translates ICAO and ADEXP messages into FIXM 3.0 format [more…]
  • ADEXP/ICAO and pre/post FPL 2012 Translator [more…]
  • ICAO Field 15 parser [more…]
  • COSPAS-SARSAT Message Parser [more…]

The ADEXP parser implemented within the ATS Message Parser component library is a fully data driven configurable parser with the message definitions defined in XML documents. This provides a means to easily configure the application for any user defined ADEXP message.The OLDI message content can be specified on an adjacent unit basis using offline configuration data. The ADEXP format OLDI messages are specified in the same manner as the ATS messages using XML files.

Complete Applications

AFTN Terminal Application

The Flight ATM Systems AFTN Terminal Application can receive and transmit message from/to the AFTN. The AFTN Terminal Application supports both ICAO and ADEXP messages formats. The message titles supported are:

  • All ICAO message titles specified in ICAO DOC 4444;
  • All ADEXP message titles currently defined by EUROCONTROL;

Screen shots of the application can be found [here…].

The Flight ATM Systems AFTN Terminal Application message processing utilises the Flight ATM Systems ATS Message Parser component library. Users can configure the ADEXP parser to support customised ADEXP message titles.

The application performs route extraction on those messages containing a route description. Received messages are stored in an XML database; the application provides extensive search and history functions for locating messages with given attribute(s), [Read more…]