Flight ATM System Demonstration Software

Flight ATM Systems provide demonstration software for their ATS Message parser, Message translators and the COSPAS-SARSAT Message parser.

Demo Instructions

The demonstration software consists of two drop down lists, one to select the demonstration software, the other to select a message to process.

There are a number of sample messages with different message titles and formats. Once a message is selected it is pasted into the text editor below the drop down lists. These messages can be edited as required to introduce errors etc.

Alternatively, messages can be pasted directly into the editor for evaluation.

The ‘Function to Evaluate’ drop down list provides a means to select the software to demonstrate:

  • ATS Parser – The ICAO and ADEXP ATS Parser
  • FIXM – The FIXM Translator
  • AOMT – The ADEXP and ICAO Message Translator – when this option is selected, two additional drop down lists are displayed that provide a means to specify the target message format and target FPL 2012 version.
  • COSPAS – The COSPAS/SARSAT message parser