ICAO Field 15 Parser – ‘C’ and Java

The ICAO field 15 parser can be supplied in both ‘C’ and Java. The parser is built on a finite state machine developed from the field 15 BNF. The concept for the Java and ‘C’ version is identical.

The ICAO field 15 has been specifically developed for software suppliers that need to parse and process ICAO field 15. The product can save time and money where such processing is needed by negating the need for in-house development.

The ‘C’ version has a very small code footprint with only 800 lines of code. Both parsers produce an extracted route sequence and can be used for in software generating a 4D trajectory. The parser is easily configured for custom keywords, although this should not be necessary if a ‘standard’ version is needed compliant with ICAO DOC 4444.

The ICAO field 15 parser:

  • Checks for correct syntax and semantics
  • Is data driven
  • Can be easily configured to support custom syntax and semantics
  • Performs route extraction
  • Is provided in ‘C’, ‘C++’ and Java tm
  • The output is provided as an XML document in the Java version and as a ‘C’ structure in the ‘C’ and ‘C++’ versions
  • Has a very small code footprint (approx 800 lines of code)
  • Is provided with comprehensive documentation

Refer to the API documentation for the field 15 parser [here…]